Are you tired of eating the same old burgers every time you crave one? Want to try something healthier without sacrificing taste? Look no further than a turkey burger!

Now that you know how to choose the right ground turkey and prepare your burger, it's time to get cooking!


1 pound ground turkey, 1/4 cup breadcrumbs, 1/4 cup grated onion, 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce, 1 teaspoon garlic powder, Salt and pepper


In a large bowl, mix together the ground turkey, breadcrumbs, grated onion, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, salt, and pepper until well combined.

Divide the mixture into four equal portions and shape each portion into a patty. Chill the patties in the refrigerator for at least

Tips for Turkey Burger

Making a great turkey burger is all about the preparation. Here are some tips to help you make the perfect burger:

Add moisture: Because turkey is leaner than beef, it can be prone to drying out during cooking. To prevent this, add moisture to your burger by mixing in ingredients like grated onion, minced garlic.

Don't overwork the meat: When forming your burger patties, be careful not to overwork the meat. This can cause the patties to become tough and dry.

Chill before cooking: After shaping your patties, chill them in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before cooking.

Turkey burgers are a great alternative to beef burgers, as they are leaner and lower in fat. Plus, they're packed with protein and can be just as tasty when prepared correctly.