Classic Birthday Cake

A classic birthday cake is made with a fluffy vanilla or chocolate cake base, layered with buttercream frosting, and decorated with sprinkles or other simple embellishments.

Red Velvet Cake 

This decadent cake is made with buttermilk, cocoa powder, and red food coloring, and it's typically filled with a cream cheese frosting.

Ice Cream Cake 

This fun and festive cake is made with layers of ice cream and cake, and it's typically decorated with whipped cream, sprinkles, and other toppings.


This creamy and delicious dessert is a great alternative to traditional birthday cake. Cheesecakes can be made with a variety of flavors, such as plain, chocolate, strawberry, or blueberry.

Funfetti Cake 

This colorful and festive cake is perfect for kids' birthdays! Funfetti cake is made with white cake batter and sprinkles, and it's typically decorated with a buttercream frosting and even more sprinkles.

Piñata Cake 

Piñata cakes are typically made with a chocolate cake base and a chocolate ganache filling. They're then decorated with a layer of candy and other treats, and a small hole is cut into the top of the cake.

Ombre Cake 

This beautiful cake is made with layers of cake that are different shades of the same color. Ombre cakes can be made with any flavor cake and frosting, and they're sure to wow your guests.

Galaxy Cake 

This cosmic cake is perfect for anyone who loves stargazing! Galaxy cakes are typically made with a dark cake base and a blue or purple frosting.

Geode Cake 

This stunning cake is made with a layer of cake that's covered in a chocolate ganache and decorated with edible crystals and other toppings.